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April 2021

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Sir Knights:

Spring is in Sacramento and I love the flowers in bloom this time of the season.  The bees are buzzing and the same can be said about Sacramento Commandery No. 2.   


Before our last Stated Conclave, our Generalissimo Sir Knight Francisco Marques took the group through the first 12 questions of the Companion Adept of the Temple Program, which caused a healthy discussion and participation. 


That 30-minute session was engaging and inspired many members of our Commandery.  We will be continuing our studies at our next meeting on April 10th, so don’t miss our exciting discussions as many continue to share their experiences.  We will be going over the Past Master Degree (Royal Arch Masons), questions 1-10. 


Let us re-energize this Commandery and show that our journey to seek further light in masonry has given us a new understanding.  Our masonic history and our passion for knowledge have made us resilient. And, as our officers prepare for our next meeting, I look forward to seeing you all, and ready to engage. It will be like that precious ointment which ran down the beard, even Aaron’s beard.


Humbly yours,

Luis J. Montero


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Salutations, Companions of Sacramento Council No. 1.

April and spring are upon us and it has been over a year since we have been in the nonvirtual company of one another. 


I am hopeful with the introduction of an available vaccine and the potential for guidance from the Grand Council that we will once again be able to gather in person. 


I would like to remind the members of our Council that the Grand York Rite Sessions will be Virtual this year on Saturday, May 8th.  Registration in advance is required for attendance. 


The virtual sessions are a great opportunity to see what the Grand Council is about without the need or expense of travel. 


May you and your family be healthy and find the good in each day as you rise.


Joseph Wallach

Illustrious Master

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Buckle up, Companions, because our lives are about to change again.

The CA Department of Public Health has recently issued a memo stating that the government is looking to fully reopen the economy and allow all industries across the state to return to usual operations on June 15th. The state will continue to monitor hospitalization rates, vaccine access, and vaccine efficacy against variants with the option to revisit the June date if needed.

Grand Master Art Weiss - together with the great minds of the Grand Lodge Executive Committee - has been diligently working with the CDPH and is expected to promptly issue official guidelines for reopening Masonic Halls and Lodge Rooms in our state.

Please join our Grand Master at the virtual Town Hall Meeting on Returning to Lodge on Tuesday, April 13, 6 p.m.

We should also expect to see announcements from our Grand High Priest Dick Bullard as well as from the other esteemed Grand York Rite leaders.

This is just my own guesswork, but I believe we will first reopen for Stated Meetings (Convocations, Assemblies, Conclaves) but not quite yet for degree ceremonies or breaking-bread functions. Even after fully reopening, facemasks and other restrictions may still be with us for a while but I will take and celebrate whatever is given to us at his point. 


These are exciting times, Companions!

The Sacramento Masonic Temple is more than ready and excited to open its doors and receive you with plenty of smiles, good energy, hand sanitizer by the bucket, hand soap, and - if you ask nicely - even toilet paper!


Free facemasks will be also available.

Meanwhile, please join me at our Virtual Stated Convocation on Saturday, April 10th, at 9:00 AM. I am hoping to have additional updates to share with the Companions.

This might as well be the last Stated Convocation to be held online this year... and possibly ever. 


On Saturday, June 12th, we may be allowed to merrily meet in person in our beloved York Rite room. You may want to double-check if your red coat still fits. Pants are mandatory, in case you forgot.


Also please mark your calendar for the Virtual Grand Sessions next month. Our Grand Annual Convocation starts at 9:00 AM on Saturday, May 22nd, followed by the Awards and Installation Ceremonies at 2:00 PM.

Register Now


In closing, Companions, please stay patient, healthy, and safe.


We shall meet in person again soon!

Francisco Marques

High Priest

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Saturday, 04/10/2021


09:00 AM
Chapter No. 3 of Royal Arch Masons

09:30 AM

Companion Adept of the Temple Program


10:00 AM
Commandery No. 2 Knights Templar


Join Zoom Meeting

Or call (669) 900-6833
Meeting ID: 810 3688 9789
Passcode: 312

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2021 CA Grand York Rite Sessions

Are Entirely VIRTUAL

May 8th: CAGYR Corp. Meeting & Grand Council of CM

May 15th: Grand Commandery of KT

May 22nd: Grand Chapter of RAM


Virtual Session Registration

Deadlines for registering are one week prior to each event for all VOTING members (to allow the credential committees to vet and prepare).

The Proxy / Elected  Representative forms are available below.

All other attendees may register up to three days prior to the event.

Membership validation will be required for the tiled meetings, so please register early.

Virtual Session Registration Links


Please click HERE to register for:


• The Grand York Rite of California Annual Corporation meeting on May 8th,

• The Grand Council of Cryptic Masons Annual Assembly & Installation on May 8th, and/or

• The Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons Annual Convocation on May 22nd.

Reservations for the Grand Commandery Annual Conclave on May 15th are at this LINK


Proxy / Elected Official Forms

You will need to download the appropriate form, fill it out, save the form and then email it to


RAM Elected Representative and Proxy Credentials (PDF)
CM Proxy Credential (PDF)
KT Elected Representative Credential (PDF)

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Zoom Virtual Session Training

You may want to familiarize yourself with Zoom by watching this video:  



From the Secretary/Recorder Desk

Have you paid your 2021 dues? 


If your dues cards do NOT read "member in good standing ... through December 31, 2021", then you have fallen behind and now would be a good time to catch up. 

Please contact your Secretary/Recorder at or issue your dues payment at 

Sincerely and fraternally,

Joseph K. Dongo, KYCH
Secretary / Recorder

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Book of the Month

The Book of the Chapter
by Albert G. Mackey

Although the book was written more than 150 years ago, Mackey's "The Book of the Chapter" is still as informative as if it were written yesterday. Mackey is one of - if not the - best Masonic scholars. This book delves deep into the explanations and histories of all the degrees of the Chapter.

One of the main objectives of Mackey in preparation of this book was to place in the hands of every Royal Arch Mason a book in which he may find a lucid explanation, so far as the laws of our institution will permit, of all that has excited his curiosity or attracted his interest in the Chapter degrees, and above all, to furnish an elementary treatise of easy comprehension on the symbolism of Royal Arch Masonry. 

ISBN-10 : 1500918369
ISBN-13 : 978-1500918361

Purchase Book




Video of the Month​

An Introduction to The York Rite of Freemasonry

Documentary (16.5 min)

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