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Royal Arch Logo.png

Sacramento Chapter No. 3 of Royal Arch Masons
Installed on Saturday, January 13th 2024


High Priest
Eric Johnson

Andrew Grajeda

David Cobb

Joselito Viray, K.Y.C.H.

Joseph Dongo, K.Y.C.H.

Michael Allen

Captain of the Host
John Weldon

Principal Sojourner
Thom Pryor

Royal Arch Captain
William Erdman

Master of the Third Veil
Alexis Baloji

Master of the Second Veil
Garrett Bergthold

Master of the First Veil
Mauro Lara

Carlos Brusel-Casals

About Royal Arch Masons

No Rite of Freemasonry covers the world, as does Royal Arch Masonry. In every country of the Earth: on every continent and on many isles of the sea, will be found Royal Arch Chapters, eager and willing to receive their companions from other parts of the world into the full fellowship that characterizes Royal Arch Masonry. In Asia, in Africa, in Europe, in the Americas, and on the continent of Australia will be... [Learn More]


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