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March 2021

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Sir Knights:

I have always liked March in Sacramento.  


The sun begins to warm all beings in nature and things come back to life. The bees in this beehive are no different.  Our Sir Knights are busy brushing up on their ritual for this Commandery.  And, new vaccines for COVID in the Sacramento area are becoming more available.  I am looking forward to a slow transition back to our in-person gatherings. 


In the last virtual Stated Conclave, we discussed picking up where we left off with the York Rite's Companion Adept of the Temple Program by allowing 30 min in between Chapter/Council and Commandery to do some work together on this fascinating program.  I had asked our Generalissimo Sir Knight Francisco Marques and our Captain General Sir Knight Thom Prior to lead us in this endeavor and I am confident it will be engaging.  

I am excited to learn together and have our group discussions.  


We are also planning to get our 6-man team together via Zoom to organize ways we can brush up on some Commandery tactics.  Your active participation, encouragement and dedication will bring attention to our Commandery and its members. This is certainly going to be an entertaining chivalric year.  


So, lead on Sir Knights! And let’s be present at the next Commandery Drill Competition. 

Humbly yours,

Luis J. Montero


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No article available.

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And so March begins filling my heart with warmth and hope. There are plenty of things to look forward to this year, and not just the return of everything - at some point, sports, culture, travel, in-person get-togethers with the people you love and care about, will hopefully all make a comeback.


Either through our fraternal Mystic Tie or collective consciousness, we have all been eagerly anticipating those gregarious occasions. 

But 2021 should have a lot more going for it than just the promise of a return to normalcy. Here is a sampling of all the other good stuff coming your way over soon. 

Attending Masonic Assemblies, School, and Church
Sending Our Kids to School
Visiting with Loved Ones Everywhere
Going to a Concert
Meeting Brethren, Coworkers, Family & Friends at a Restaurant for Brunch
Planning a Trip and Expecting It to Happen

Going to the Movies

The number of confirmed new COVID cases seems to be shrinking in California. 50,316,151 tests have been performed, while 10,988,301 vaccines have been administered as of March 11th. The number of vaccinated individuals is now over three times the number of cases (3,516,862).

Back in January, the number of new cases per day was over 49,000. We are down to 3,184 new cases per day. Things may be finally looking up. We are so close.


Stay patient, healthy, and safe. We shall meet in person soon!

Francisco Marques

High Priest

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Saturday, 03/13/2021


09:00 AM
Council No. 1 of Cryptic Masons

09:30 AM

Companion Adept of the Temple Program


10:00 AM
Commandery No. 2 Knights Templar


Join Zoom Meeting

Or call (669) 900-6833
Meeting ID: 810 3688 9789
Passcode: 312

* * *

Saturday, 03/20/2021


11:00 AM

The Masonic Home
York Rite Speaker Series

Education for our Masonic Journey

The Well of Souls

Known as the "Holy of Holies" or "Well of Souls" this cave is the last remnant attributed to that sacred vault under the Temple of Solomon where Masonic tradition informs us Hiram Abiff and the High Priest offered up their devotions.

Join us for a presentation by Excellent Companion Jonathan Prestage exploring the legendary history and symbolism of this sacred site, including a photographic tour through the Dome of the ock and the Well of Souls.

We invite all Brethren and guests to join us over Zoom:

Meeting ID: 710 270 5253 • Passcode: 2021

For additional information regarding the lecture of the Masonic Home York Rite Speaker Series,
contact EC Mike Ramos at 



From the Secretary/Recorder Desk

Have you paid your 2021 dues? 


If your dues cards do NOT read "member in good standing ... through December 31, 2021", then you have fallen behind and now would be a good time to catch up. 

Please contact your Secretary/Recorder at or issue your dues payment at 

Sincerely and fraternally,

Joseph K. Dongo, KYCH
Secretary / Recorder

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Book of the Month

The Alchemical Keys To Masonic Ritual
by Timothy Hogan

The Alchemical Keys to Masonic Ritual is the first book to explore in depth how the passwords, penal signs, due guards, and emblems of the symbolic degrees of Freemasonry relate directly to the alchemical process for producing the Philosopher's Stone.


This book is intended for Masons who wish to gain further light into the secret meanings of their tradition. Albert Pike believed that at the heart of Freemasonry were the secrets of alchemy, however, it has never been substantially proven in one book until now. Chemical lab processes are explored in detail along with the symbolic "blue lodge" degrees in order to show how they correlate.


The keys given for the first time in this book may be one of the most important working tools ever given to the Master Mason wishing to understand his craft.

ISBN-10 : 1435704401
ISBN-13 : 978-1435704404

Purchase Book




Video of the Month​

History of Alchemy & Mystical Sciences

Full Documentary (42min)

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