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May 2024


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Sir Knights,

This past weekend, I had to work on various plumbing fixes in my house. It turns out that one of the tools I needed was a faucet seat wrench to remove the water valve seat in my shower.


I went through my tool locker and lo and behold, I still had my grandfather's set of seat wrenches that I had inherited.


Having the right tool for the right job is imperative. In the Commandery, our main working tool is our sword. Unlike any other Masonic body that I have seen, the Commandery’s use of the sword is unique in how heavily it is used in ritual. I encourage you at home to practice drills in your home safely.

As I have stated in the previous assemblies, Sir Knight Jesse Solis-Jacques will take my place at the head of the Commandery for the May 11th Conclave.


I trust that you all will be there to assist him running his first meeting.


Additionally, I would like to extend my thanks to Excellent High Priest, Eric Johnson, for organizing the Ladies' Night for the York Rite bodies.


This will take place at Caballo Blanco Restaurante on July 20th at 5:00 PM. Please see EHP Eric’s article in this
newsletter for more information.


Be sure to also mark your calendars for the
Commandery Orders Conferral ("Degree Festival") on Saturday, June 15th, at the Sacramento Masonic Temple.


Warmest Fraternal Regards,


Andrew Grajeda


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Spring greetings from the Council Officers.


Hopefully, the rain has left and we can enjoy this Spring weather until the Valley Summer begins. Spring is a time of renewal.


Like all life in Nature, we emerge with fresh energy and a bright outlook for the coming season. So I feel it is appropriate that we have the Council Festival in the Spring.


So let us welcome the new Companions who bring new energy and ideas to Sacramento Council #1. We will meet them at the Stated Assembly.


Also, at the May stated breakfast we will try to, at least, start some
discussion about the Companion Adept of the Temple program for those of you who have enrolled and also for those of you who plan to. 
Please bring your materials with you. Maybe we can answer some questions and get the ball rolling.


The biggest event happening now is Grand Sessions, which begin May 16th. I will be there to represent the Council and will give a report at the Assembly following.


If you ever get a chance to attend them, I urge you to do so. You don’t need to stay the whole five days; you can stay for just one day if you like. The Grand Bodies conduct business on different days.


Next year, the Grand Sessions will be in San Ramon, so you can actually drive there in the morning and return the same night - and save the cost of a hotel.

Hope to see you at the Stated Assembly on May 11th.


Dave Cobb

Illustrious Master

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Greetings Companions,

At our April Stated Convocation, we welcomed two new Companions, Dillon Mitchell and Brandon Jenkins, to our Chapter and I was able to present them with a signed & sealed


Congratulations and welcome! We look forward to seeing you at our Stated Convocations.

On May 16th - 20th, our Grand York Rite Sessions will be held in Burbank, CA. This is the time of year when we come together as Companions and vote on pending legislation.


I will be attending this event representing Sacramento Chapter #3. Our new Grand High Priest, ME David Sokol, happens to be a personal friend of mine. ME David and I attended the Inspectors Development Academy together many years ago and we have remained friends since. I look forward to a visit from him at one of our upcoming Stated Convocations.


As your High Priest, I will be receiving the Order of High Priesthood Degree. This degree is offered to all current and past High Priests and if you have not had the chance to receive this degree, it’s
something I strongly recommend.

Mark your calendars and save the date as our Ladies' Night will be on July 20th at 5:00 PM! The event will take place at Caballo Blanco Restaurante located at:


5604 Franklin Blvd

Sacramento, CA 95824


The restaurant has asked that we pre-order our meal for time savings and efficiency.


Please email your name(s) and dinner selection(s) no later than July 17th to:

Maja Johnson

We will submit the meal requests ahead of arrival and then will have a copy of your name(s) and selection(s) when you arrive for you to place at your chosen seat.


The menu is available HERE.


I hope that this is a start to an event that we can enjoy on an annual basis to recognize our ladies not only for all they do for us but also for supporting us as we meet with our groups multiple times per month.

Our next regularly scheduled Stated Convocation is on June 8th at 9:00 AM.


Please make every effort to attend and support the Officers who have made the commitment to serve. In the words of Sam Jaber, “You’ll be glad you did”.



Eric Johnson

High Priest

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Saturday, 05/11/2024

1123 J Street

08:15 AM

Fellowship and Masonic Education Breakfast

09:00 AM

Council No. 1 of Cryptic Masons

Stated Assembly

10:00 AM

Commandery No. 2 of Knights Templar

Stated Conclave

10:00 AM

Commandery No. 2 of Knights Templar

Memorial Service

*** *** ***


York Rite of California


Thursday, May 16th, 2024


Business Sessions

Friday, May 17th, 2024

Grand Council

Saturday, May 18th, 2024

Grand Commandery

Sunday, May 19th, 2024

GYR CA Corporation Annual Meeting

AMD - Order of the Scarlet Cord

Commandery Drill Team

Memorial Service

Golden State Chapter of Research

Grand York Rite Banquet

Monday, May 20th, 2024

Grand Chapter

2500 N Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA 91505

*** *** ***




Numerous Festivals are planned. 


Of particular note are:


1123 J Street

June 15, 2024 (09:00 AM)

Commandery Orders


East Bay

2312 Alameda Blvd

September 14, 2024

Chapter Degrees

September 28, 2024

Council Degrees

October 12, 2024

Commandery Orders

Colorado River

Riverside Hotel, Laughlin, NV

October 20, 2024 (07:00 PM)

Registration and Orientation

October 21, 2024

Chapter Degrees

Council Degrees

October 22, 2024

Commandery Orders



From the Secretary / Recorder Desk

Have you paid your 2024 dues? 


If your dues cards do NOT read "member in good standing ... through December 31, 2024", then you have fallen behind, and now would be a good time to catch up. 

Please contact your Secretary/Recorder at or make a payment at 

Sincerely and fraternally,

Joseph K. Dongo, KYCH
Secretary / Recorder






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